Posted by: twotrees | June 23, 2008

Shouting from the Rooftop

   Ventura has a new place to party and if Saturday night’s benefit is any indication, it’s got the potential for being a great spot.   The Ocean View Beach Club is a creation of Rob Houck Presents and that night was a benefit for Ventura County AIDS Partnership, Salvation Army Food Pantry and the VC Rainbow Alliance.  About 300 people dance, drank and enjoyed the view from the rooftop of the parking structure next to the Crowne Plaza Hotel at the waterfront.  Cigars & tequila bars, food and drink were all inclusive.  Make no mistake, the record setting heat of the day added to the warmth of the evening event, which included great views of the islands and a stunning sunset.



  1. Mark Hartley from Denver? Ted Ashinhurst from Golden, CO …
    I’m just wondering how you’re doing?
    I’m retired from teaching math & computers at Denver Public Schools … Pat and the daughters are doing well … My address
    Send me an e-mail when you get the chance?
    God … Neil and Sarah would be so proud of you …
    Not to forget Al and Ruthie …
    I was just doing a search, and looked up Hartley …
    Please let me know how the sisters are? Kim and Kathy … Gotta go Markie ‘Mouse’ …
    Later … TEd Ashinhurst … Golden, Co …

    • Ted – I have sent your email along to Mark Hartely. This is not his website, but he’ll see you r message.

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