Posted by: twotrees | May 12, 2008

A New Heartbeat in Midtown

Midtown of the future?Architectural LaboritoryDavid Bergman and Ventura\'s parking expert discuss ideas  

CMH, the hospital that had some PR challenges when Michael Bakst was their president, and which paid $1.5 million to settle allegations of improper payments during Bakst’s time (See this story from the Star, Dec. 2008 has truly turned a new leaf in the past four years.  Current president Gary Wilde, and company has restored goodwill and forged positive relationships with local physicians and the community.  Now comes the heavy lifting.

The state of California  mandates that a new hospital be built to seismic safety standards by a 2013.  To the tune of $200 million.  The idea is to solidify a plan by 2009 and generate funds to complete the project on time.  And while they’re at it, other ideas are bubbling up to include the area immediately adjacent to the hospital footprint.

It was pretty exciting to walk into a room full of planners, architects and others, who have been working on this project as a weekly lunchtime endeavor.  These photos show a little of what the vision could be like.



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