Posted by: twotrees | April 15, 2008

Ventura Hillsides Conservancy Marks 5th Anniversary

The conservancy has celebrated it’s fifth anniversary.  It’sa  testament to the fortitude and ability of a small clatch of people who share a vision of protecting a local natural resource.  Yes, it could be viewed as NIMBYism but what differs is that they have a plan of what to do with the land as an alternative to development.  I’ve lived a lot of places and visited multiples more.  Each time I drive from L.A. into Ventura and look upon the hill with two trees, it makes me pine for the wilderness which is begining to disappear here, there and elsewhere.  Don’t get me wrong – there’s trillions of acres of open space in this country, it’s just that many kids will not get the chance to experience it, let alone live adjacent to it.  And that’s a shame.


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