Posted by: twotrees | April 10, 2008

Wecome to Tagger’s Tresle

   I first related the Southern Pacific’s tresle bridge with Ventura back in the 1970’s when I hitch-hiked up and down the coast like so many of that generation.  That bridge meant leaving behind Southern California for the Central Coast, leading to San Francisco.  For me, it didn’t mean Ventura, a city that had generally been unfamiliar to the masses who were busy going elsewhere.  Fast forward to the present, to a city in search of the polish that will attract visitors, residents and commerce.

The first and perhaps most notable detractor?  That damned bridge.  Well I’m starting to make some calls to see what can be done about it.  Paint, lighting, an image makeover?  We’ll see.



  1. That trestle needs to be painted metallic silver and up-lit at night with solar-powered LED lights that can change color every few hours–like the pylons at LAX. Imagine if we could outfit the trestle with strobe lights–underneath the train tracks, and rig it up so that when the trains cross it the strobes go off randomly giving it the appearance of sparks flying. “Infrastructure as public art” should be the next direction this city takes with the expenditure of public dollars on public art. Art that leads to betterment of neighborhoods. That trestle should be downtown Ventura’s calling card, not the tagged embarrassment this city allows it to be. Some would say the owner of that trestle could be charged with a “taking” as it depresses the property values in the immediate area. It’s certainly not an economic development asset, that’s for sure. I’d rather work with the owners to enact change in a positive way. Let’s make it happen. Peer pressure goes a long way, David. Especially when you run the local weekly news-magazine.
    –Rob Edwards, Executive Director, Downtown Ventura Organization

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