Posted by: twotrees | April 4, 2008

Cut and Cover, in time

cut-cover.jpgWednesday night I took part in one of the most interesting public meetings in a long time.  Sponsored by the City of Ventura, nearly 150 people showed up to consider, and plan, what the future of downtown Ventura will look like.  Starting with a grant from somewhere (my mind was on the doing not the doers) enabled city staff, along with a gaggle of consultants to present participants with a real life Monopoly board from which to create a new reality – the city of the future.  The main topic was – which part of the 101 freeway should be covered, to help make downtown Ventura connect to the beach, which were disconnected in the early 1960’s when the Ventura Highway was built.

I’m looking forward to what becomes of the 15-18 large scale drawings that were submitted by participants who, at the end of the evening, each presented their visions of the future.  Don’t hold your breath – this process will take 10-25 years…ugh.


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