Posted by: twotrees | March 30, 2008

Simple Math?

einstein.gifSeventy One percent of the 4,845 people arrested in Ventura County last year for being under the influence of a narcotic had methamphetamine in their system, reports Tom Kisken in Sunday’s Ventura County Star.  Yet, funding has been flat and the Governor has proposed a 10% cut in Prop 36 funding, which treats such patients.  All the talk about public safety must include the sidebar that preventative measures and treatment for addicts will help all the money spend on law enforcement because when done well, they lessen the number of criminals who tend to cause crime (theft, violence, etc…).  Read the story here, then email Gov. Arnold here  Be prepared for a form letter reply that doesn’t exactly address your concern. 

While we’re on the topic, it looks like Ventura County Sheriff/Police services overtime pay for 2006-2007 was ten times what was approved in the budget (see line three of page two at and 25% higher than the previous year’s actual amount of $7.9 million.   Why would officials budget less than a $1 million for this?


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