Posted by: twotrees | March 29, 2008

You Go Grrrl

olympic-rings.jpg  Mia Farrow, actor in more than 40 films and mother to fifteen children , has a new idea – boycott the Olympics.  Specifically, she is suggesting a boycott of the Opening Ceremonies of the Games and all commercials to protest China’s: Treament of it’s own people, the people of Tibet, and for funding the Sudanese government’s genocide in the Darfur region.  Sounds like a plan.  Let the games not begin begin Aug 8!  Read more at



  1. Yeah, I take advice on international diplomatic relations from a broad who birthed a baby for a Satanic ritual sacrifice. Mia has zero credibility. Just because she called for a boycott I am liable to get a ticket and go see the Chinaman games.

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