Posted by: twotrees | March 24, 2008

Around Southland (our newspapers that is)

While Catching up on some reading, I found some items worth a mention: L.A. CityBeat’s 3rd Degree interview with Jacob Weisberg, editor of Slate, who says that  the president was” too incurious, too agreessively ignorant about things” when Weisberg covered the candidate back in  2000.

Pasadena Weekly’s Cover package on Water issues – Pharmaceuticals infiltrating drinking water,  deserts creeping towards us and how grey water might be a clear alternative.

San Diego CityBeat‘s Political Lunacy column by Carl Luna, who counts the various costs of the war at year five:  Four short of 4,000 U.S. dead; $700 billion – with estimates upwards of total nearing $3 trillion when all is accounted for (the U.S reportedly spent $3.2 trillion to stop Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito in WWII) etc… Yuck!


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